LIGNE NOIRE collection for children hand made in Italy collection for children hand made in Italy
LIGNENOIREenfant was born around an estethic,educational 
project which aims to give an ironic idea of the child.
Not the usual colors that identify it basing on its sex,
but printings, embroideries,applications, that urge it
to become creative and curious.
The collection is made up by bodies,t-shirts,sweaters,
linen puppies,that turn to pillows but also bibs,
in linen too,printed or embroidered.
LIGNENOIREenfant cloths have pure and essential shapes,
and their simplicity catches the children's imagination,
developing their creativity.
The collection also aim to re-discover the traditions 
and the craft of the products,reconsidering them and 
making them become contemporary so that each item is 
All materials are natural,soft and smooth,pure cotton,
linen,wool and felt.
All projects are totally manufactured in Italy.
New Packaging:each LIGNENOIREenfant item is delivered in
peculiar paper bags,like the ones used in the typical
italian bakeries,so that bodies,t-shirts and puppets have
an innovative funny package,immediately recognisable.
Copyright © 2008
Ligne Noire